Toast Breakfast
Toasted Bread (whole wheat or plain) with homemade jelly -OR- jam, Egg omelet with cheese, and a choice of bacon, -OR- country ham -OR- veggies (Spring onions, mushrooms, and/or  green pepper).


Continental Breakfast
A choice of: Whole Wheat, Plain bread, Cinnamon-Raisin Bagel, -OR- two kinds of pastries with cream cheese or butter and a choice of scrambled egg (with or without cheese) -OR- a boiled egg.


Cereal Breakfast
Multi Grain Cereal with milk -OR- yogurt, raisins -OR- almond slivers, whole milk -OR- 2% milk -OR- fat free milk, two boiled eggs.


Banana Bread Breakfast
A slice of homemade banana bread, boiled egg -OR- scrambled egg with cheese.


Oatmeal Breakfast
Old Fashioned Oatmeal sprinkled with cinnamon powder and farm produced honey, whole milk -OR- 2% milk -OR- fat free milk, two boiled eggs.


Filipino Style Breakfast
A choice of: a Beef tapa, -OR- Asian pork sausage, -OR- Fried dried fish, plain rice -OR- garlic fried rice, scrambled eggs with chives -OR- plain scrambled eggs.